Energy Waste Control System


The MiHome Thermostat is part of Energenie’ s heating range of products and part of the MiHome home automation range. The heating range includes the radio controlled MiHome thermostat, and radio controlled Smart Radiator Valves, available separately.

MiHome products link directly to the MiHome Gateway [available separately] which provides the communications between your MiHome device and the internet. The MiHome thermostat is suitable for switching any standard domestic boiler (see product specification below).

The MiHome Thermostat connects to the boiler with a simple 2-wire connection and is battery powered. On-board controls to adjust temperature and turn the thermostat on/off are provided.

The thermostat also senses occupancy and humidity which can be viewed in the App



Reduce your Energy bills by up to 18.6% per year
*Fully installed and demostrated by award winning installers (Noble Electrical Contractors LTD)

This system is proven to save the average family £260 per year
See for yourself:

Electricity Report
Heating System Report


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