Dimmer Switch White


**- Suitable for Dimmable LED bulbs, up to 5 bulbs per circuit (not exceeding 250 Watts total)
– Minimum bulb rating of 5 Watts to be used with the 1-gang dimmer switch
– Not Suitable for fluorescent, CFL, Non-dimmable LED bulbs** , halogen or incandescent

Our smart single gang dimmer switch is the perfect way of integrating smart controls in to the fabric of your smart home. With one switch you can control all the lighting in a single room. In 5 finishes including White, Black Nickel, Graphite, Polished Chrome and Brushed Steel it can be retro fitted to easily replace your existing switches to create the right ambience in any room.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, you can also use the MiHome smart home app to easily control your light switches from your device remotely using geofencing, timers and triggers, If preferred, you can also use the MiHome Remote Control to individually control each switch.

Take control of your lighting and bring your home to life with MiHome s popular range of smart home lighting products

Preferred Technical Information would be:
Rating: 220 – 240V~ 50Hz, 1A
-250W Max with Incandescent and Halogen Bulbs
-50W Max for Dimmable LED bulbs
– Terminal Connections: L-IN, L-OUT, SLAVE (only for use with MiHome Single Slave Switch)
– Radio: 433.92MHz ISM short range; OOK, simplex one way
– Range: 30m Max



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